Automotive industry

Anticipate reaction, evaluate attitude, work out solution

Quite recently the Russian market was one of the most booming segments in the international automotive stage. Today we see significant changes in the sector: structural shifts in the competitive environment, new market leaders, changes in consumer preferences, adjustment in companies’ development strategies.

MAR CONSULT will help you to find your way around and make efficient decisions.

We will help you to shape your product in a way that it echoes in the heart of each consumer.


We will study the attitude of consumers to your products, determine the awareness level of your brand and main competitors, study the specifics of its perception, outline strengths and weaknesses of products, analyze the key selection criteria and define to what extent your products match them. We will help you to deeply study price factor in product purchase and evaluate elasticity of demand.

We will assist you in evaluating the loyalty level of Clients to your products, define the level of satisfaction with them, assess the readiness to purchase in the future and recommend to friends and colleagues. We will also determine extent of consumers’ satisfaction with specific product characteristics. We will outline the most important characteristics influencing the overall satisfaction and show to what extent consumers of your products are satisfied with these indexes.


If a new vehicle model is launched, we can help you to learn consumers’ attitude to it in advance (car clinics). We will evaluate how consumers perceive interior, exterior, ergonomics and technical specs of a new model. We will compare this model with competitors; detect the key advantages and disadvantages of this new model. We will also find out the level of interest of potential consumers in purchasing a new model.

We will help you to receive valuable insights of consumers for advertising concept development. We will study lifestyle specifics of reps of the target audience. We will detect their system of values which can later be used as a basis for effective communication. We will determine the most important channels of communication with the target audience.


We can help you to evaluate perception of advertising materials by consumers at the stage of launching a marketing campaign. We will outline the strengths and weaknesses of advertising materials tested, determine the elements attracting consumers’ attention and offer solutions for eliminating the disadvantages of materials. We will determine the best variant among materials tested.

We will evaluate advertising campaign efficiency. We will analyze the level of brand awareness, advertising awareness, and specifics of brand perception before and after the advertising campaign. We will evaluate the level of advertising’s motivation for product purchase, study the attitude of consumers to the advertising campaign of your brand.

Our expertise

We have experience of working in the following areas (partial list is provided):

Apart from studies related to market analysis, we also have experience of carrying out the following projects:


Our Clients


The study included over 2,400 interviews with private owners of heavy-duty vehicles and reps of freight companies (technical specialists, heads of car fleets, technical directors and companies’ CEOs).

We have studied the key indexes: overall satisfaction with the vehicle, satisfaction with the Client’s engine installed in the vehicle, level of readiness to purchase and recommend to friends and colleagues the vehicle with the Client’s engine. These indexes were studied during 4 research waves, allowing us to evaluate dynamics of their change in different periods of vehicle operation.

We have also studied separate characteristics of the Client’s engine and the level of satisfaction with each of them. Thus, we have outlined the most important characteristics having a major impact on consumer satisfaction with the engine. On the other hand, we have managed to evaluate extent of consumers’ satisfaction with these indexes in relation to the Client’s engine.

We have additionally studied separate aspects of operating a vehicle with the Client’s engine. We have analyzed vehicle and engine operation regimen (type of transportation, average daily mileage, frequency of overload). We have studied the influence of Client’s engine on vehicle’s choice. We have also described the specifics of engine and vehicle maintenance.

Following the results of each research wave, MAR CONSULT prepared a detailed analysis of information received and developed recommendations on certain aspects of interaction with consumers. Thus, the Client was able to “keep track of events” and timely react to emerging issues.