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Study the market, understand attitude of consumers and partners, optimize prices


We have experience of working with both technologically simple products such as mounting systems and extremely complex products such as 200 MW gas turbines, automatic process control systems for nuclear power plants and dredging equipment. We know very well the needs of B2B companies and how to study their markets. We have a vast contact database of the key specialists in different industries: chief engineers, chief power engineers, leading technologists, heads of industrial workshops, chief design engineers and CEOs of enterprises. Owing to our awareness of market specifics and experience of studying complex target audiences, our studies are accurate and efficient tools for making strategic decisions.


We will clarify the situation in your industry and assist you in achieving success!

We will help you to draw up a detailed profile of companies-consumers: their working experience, equipment and technologies they use, frequency of equipment replacement and modernization, where purchase raw materials, persons and companies involved in equipment maintenance. We will help you to determine persons responsible for equipment operation and decision-making about the purchase of new equipment. Based on the information received we will help you to outline the most attractive potential customers.

We will evaluate the overall loyalty level of your consumers: level of satisfaction, readiness to purchase your products in the future, readiness to recommend them to their colleagues. We will outline those characteristics which have a major impact on loyalty level of your consumers. Thus, we will be able to develop recommendations on how to maintain and increase loyalty.

We will analyze specifics of your brand’s perception – which characteristics consumers associate the brand with, its position in consumers’ mind vs. competitors, brand’s strengths and weaknesses. We will show which specific perception attributes have more impact on choosing a brand’s product. We will develop recommendations regarding brand’s strengths to rely on in marketing communication, outline weaknesses to be improved.

We will determine the key decision-makers in selection of new products. We will analyze the key product selection criteria and evaluate to what extent they match the characteristics of your brand.


We will describe the overall situation in the industry: calculate market volume and structure, outline the key competitors and determine their market share, study price policy of companies, outline the main market trends and factors of influence. All these steps will allow us to understand your position in the market vs. competitors and evaluate “drivers” of market development.

We provide our Clients with thoughtful analytics and accurate recommendations owing to vast experience of fulfilling studies of industrial markets.

We have experience in the following areas (partial list is provided):


Our clients


A leading world pump producer wanted to know the level of its brand awareness and perception in the Russian market. The study included the survey of companies from chemical, petrochemical, food, metal working industries, building contractors and design organizations, as well as housing and utility services. We carried out over 900 interviews with leading specialists in industries indicated: technical specialists, chief engineers, heads of production workshops and CEOs of enterprises.

Following the research results, we have evaluated brand awareness level among specialists working in different industries where Client’s products are used. We have made a comparative analysis in order to outline the industries in which Client’s products have the strongest and the weakest positions in terms of awareness. As for the key indexes, we have carried out a comparative analysis with data of the previous studies in order to determine the progress and evaluate efficiency of events organized.

We have also studied the specifics of Client’s brand perception vs. the main competitors. We have outlined characteristics which consumers relate to Client’s brand first of all, then we have carried out an additional analysis in order to determine the level of importance of those characteristics in selection of products.

Furthermore, we have analyzed the key competitors in each industry and outlined the advantages and disadvantages of their equipment vs. Client’s products. Moreover, we have outlined the main product selection criteria consumers follow; thus, we have managed to evaluate compliance of Client’s products with these requirements.

As a result, MAR CONSULT team has prepared a detailed analysis of Client’s brand development in the market. Based on these data we have developed recommendations on how to raise brand awareness and improve existing product’s disadvantages. The Client was able not only to objectively evaluate its product, but also to pay attention to certain product features.