Agricultural sector

Understand farmer’s needs,
offer a solution, provoke interest

Agricultural sector in Russia has got a new development impetus recently: peasant farm enterprises boost, agricultural enterprises undergo modernization, and new investment projects are developed. We will provide detailed information about all changes in the market and show you how they impact your business.

When a farmer wakes up for work? What is he missing? How does he solve financial issues? Which issues does he face? How to build a dialogue with him, to sell and receive money?

We will help you to understand the market, farmers and cooperation mechanisms!


We will find out the main market trends and influencing factors. We will determine market structure and volume, outline the main competitors, study average price level in different segments (economy, medium and premium), analyze strengths and weaknesses of your products. We will outline the most promising products in your product line and indicate consumers requiring these products.

We will study in a greater detail the main consumers of your company, determine the size of their enterprises, an output volume of agricultural products, evaluate seasonal factors, outline the main problems they face in their work and how your products can help them.

We will analyze types of equipment they use and for how long, determine the share of those who plan to replace the equipment, outline the key persons responsible for equipment operation and decision-making about the purchase of new equipment. Apart from analytical data, you will receive a database of potential clients.


We will evaluate the level of service in your maintenance center; outline the strengths to be maintained and weaknesses to be improved first of all.

As we want to receive comprehensive and objective information, we communicate not only with consumers (agronomists, livestock specialists, directors of enterprises), but also with industry experts (leading specialists of agricultural equipment producers, independent experts from various associations and reps of the Ministry of Agriculture).

Our expertise

We have experience in the following areas (partial list is provided):

Apart from studies related to the market analysis, we also have experience of carrying out the following projects:


Our Clients


A business development association of New Zealand has addressed our company in order to determine the prospects of its members’ entry to the Russian market of milking equipment and expendables. MAR CONSULT has carried out an integrated research consisting of the three main blocks.

The first block included the study of the current overall condition of the dairy industry in Russia and in separate regions. We have analyzed dynamics of cow population and raw milk production, detected the number of livestock farms, defined existing state and regional programs in dairy farming development, as well as analyzed the market of ready milk products in the most popular segments.

The second block included a detailed analysis of milking equipment and expendables market volume and structure. We have determined the most popular equipment, its service life and replacement frequency. We have studied market leaders among producers present, determined their strengths and weaknesses, and analyzed the current prices for products studied.

In the third block we have outlined the main market trends and development factors. We have conducted interviews with leading market specialists (Heads of Marketing and Sales in industrial enterprises, Directors of livestock farms) and independent experts (consultants from research institutes, reps of the Ministry of Agriculture).

Following the study, the Client has obtained comprehensive information about the overall condition of the dairy industry and milking equipment market. We have also developed recommendations on the most promising product niches and provided the Client description of cooperation methods with end-consumers (livestock farms).