Construction and repair

Construction is one of the key operational areas of our company. Since 2002 we have studied all types of construction materials, each centimeter of the house built: from foundation to roof. We have very good expertise in the construction market, we know who and how make decisions about the purchase of materials, which segments the market consists of and how to work with those segments. We help our Clients not only to collect data, but provide consultations on what the Client has to know based on its position in the market and current business tasks.



The number of tasks we solve for our Clients is indefinite. The main thing is that we provide you with specific practical solutions, know what and how should be done precisely in your situation.

What are your issues?

  • Attract customer’s attention now and today – make him purchase your product
  • Develop a long-term, sustainable demand
  • Make your material the first choice for construction teams and other B2B consumers
  • Make your brand clearly differ from competitors in consumers’ perception
  • Make your brand a synonym of the product in the industry
  • Make advertising active and manageable tool
  • Create a long-term development strategy
  • Audit of strengths and weaknesses in business – outline growth niches


We help our Clients to find their consumers and establish long-term and successful relations with them!

We will help you to study both private and B2B consumers in a greater detail: determine consumer segments present in the market; which segments are the key ones in terms of sales volumes; which segment and why is the main consumer of company’s products. We will study their mode of life, values, behavior specifics, leisure activities; thus, we will develop communication which is based on things emotionally important and valuable for your customers.



We will study the decision-making process of material selection: participants, stages of the process, impact of various factors on product selection, which information sources use in decision-making. We will show which role a brand plays for different consumer groups, which sources contain the most “valuable” recommendations of the brand. These steps will help us to determine information about product, channel, selection stage at which this information should be delivered to consumers in order to effectively stimulate them to purchase.

We will study thoroughly the process of working with the material: delivery, unloading, storage, assembly, evaluation of works performed. Which difficulties and problems consumers face. Which material properties make consumers perceive it as the most convenient for work, “perfect” product. Thus, it will be possible to either adjust material properties or communicate with consumers in order to meet their requirements to a greater extent. First of all, this approach is very valuable in cooperation with B2B consumers (construction teams, companies).

We will evaluate the brand’s position in competitive environment: quantitative indexes of brand awareness and purchase of brand products. Through analysis of these indexes we will determine the efficiency of work with the target audience, detect presence of potential sales volume growth. The dynamics of these indexes show degree of a marketing strategy efficiency; thus, it will be possible to timely adjust it taking into account activity of competitors.

We will study the specifics of brands’ perception by consumers. What position Client’s brand takes in consumer’s mind, its strengths and weaknesses vs. the main competitors. We will give recommendations regarding strengths to rely on in marketing communication with different consumer groups. We will outline weaknesses of perception that should be improved first of all. If you understand the consumer, his behavior specifics, you will be able to target marketing activities for specific groups of the target audience.

We will help you to evaluate efficiency of marketing events held by the company: quantitative indexes of audience attraction, to what extent marketing activity meets the requirements of the target audience it is aimed at. We will evaluate the impact of marketing events on the brand’s image, and not only on quantitative indexes of its awareness.


We will evaluate perception of advertising materials by consumers. Which particular information the target audience “reads” in an advertising message. To what extent the advertising message correlates with value guidelines of consumers. How the advertising message matches brand’s image of consumers. Based on this information, we will offer a list of improvements to be done in the advertising message so that it would match “specifics” of the target audience in full.

We will determine market volume and structure in different splits: by brands, consumer segments, types of buildings, types of constructions, groups of materials, etc.

We provide our Clients with thoughtful analytics and reliable recommendations owing to the vast experience of fulfilling projects for producers of construction and finishing materials.


Our Clients

Examples of projects fulfilled:

Example 1

Our Client had to find out expectations and preferences of professional construction workers in selection and choice of dry gypsum mix (plaster and putty).

MAR CONSULT has carried out in-depth interviews with reps of construction teams who perform finishing works in premises and use gypsum mixes.

We have studied selection process, purchase and work with plaster and putty in a greater detail:

  • brands used in work, which of them use most often, which recommend their clients;
  • advantages and disadvantages of various materials, impact on choice;
  • problems and difficulties arising at different stages: from purchase to work handover to the customer;
  • how professional construction workers “relate” the quality of mix used and quality of construction received;
  • which properties should a “perfect” material have; which of materials used are close to being “perfect”, what improvements should be made;
  • which properties of materials construction workers perceive as beneficial for; how a producer can “increase” benefit of working with its material for a construction team;
  • demand of technical support from the producer of dry gypsum mix; content and form of this support.

By answering these questions we were able to develop a list of recommendations regarding changes in the current product line of the Client which can be made to improve satisfaction and loyalty of professional consumers. Within the study we have outlined properties of materials which construction workers perceive as the “most valuable”; thus, we could focus communication with consumers precisely on these properties.


Example 2

The Customer wanted to boost sales of thermal insulation materials in the segment of roofing in private houses, cottages, dachas.

MAR CONSULT has carried out an integrated research which included qualitative and quantitative stages. We have studied 2 consumer groups: private consumers who performed works either through using own resources or by inviting construction workers, and construction teams and small companies performing thermal insulation of roofs during construction or repair of low-rise houses. The qualitative stage included 75 in-depth interviews. Quantitative stage included the survey of 1,600 private consumers and professional construction workers (telephone interviews).

As a result, we have thoroughly studied all stages of selection, purchase and use of thermal insulation products in roofing.

We have determined quantitative indexes of awareness and usage of products of different brands.

We have studied the preferences of different consumer groups in terms of selecting one or another thermal insulation material and determined the key motives for using different thermal insulation in roofing.

We have studied the specifics of perceiving brands of thermal insulation materials; detected brands’ characteristics having the highest impact on material selection by different consumer groups. Based on these data, we have described the strengths and weaknesses of the Client’s brand and main competitors.

We have carried out segmentation of consumers (both private consumers and professional construction workers). We have outlined segments which are more aimed at the brand in selection of thermal insulation and outlined brand selection criteria used by these segments.

In case of professional workers, we have determined criteria they use to evaluate the benefits of working with thermal insulation of different brands. We have studied to what extent various purchase stimulating promotions are “interesting” to them.

Based on this information, the Client was able to outline the most “promising” segment of consumers and develop marketing and communication strategy for each group outlined.