Learn, define,
provoke interest and attract

Household appliances and electronics are an inherent part of human life in the modern world. Our Clients strive to make people’s lives as comfortable as possible; therefore, study of consumers’ preferences and behavior is crucial to their work.


We will evaluate indexes of your brand “health” – awareness and usage of products of your brand by consumers, evaluate similar indexes for competitor brands, we will tell you the reason for differences in the indexes of your brand “health” vs. competitor brands.

We will study perception specifics of your brand by consumers in competitive environment, outline its strengths and weaknesses vs. competitors. We will determine brand perception features influencing brand choice by consumers. We will inform you about perception features of your brand that should be adjusted, where the stress should be made in communication with consumers.

We will describe the profile of consumers of your products, their socio-demographic features, social status and income level. We will show you the difference of your brand users from users preferring competitor products. We will detect consumer groups among which your product will be most likely popular.


We will learn specifics of using and level of satisfaction with devices, outline consumer segments by usage of devices, will inform you about the technical specs of the device important in usage for reps of different segments.

We will detect specifics of consumer behavior during the selection and purchase of devices; define product selection factors for reps of different segments and explain how to work with these segments.

We will evaluate the quality of performance of consultants selling products of your brands in the point of sale.

We will determine the efficiency of your advertising campaign; detect consumer segments which are to a greater extent aware of the advertising campaign.


Our Clients


Company producing household refrigerators planned to change their design. The producer had to understand how customers choose a fridge and evaluate the quality of this device during purchase.
We have solved this issue in 2 stages:

  • The first stage included double visits with customers to electronics store:
    Before each visit we conducted a short interview with a respondent in order to learn about his/her experience of using fridges, expectations and requirements imposed on a new fridge.
    During the double visit we have thoroughly studied customer’s behavior in the store:
    How they choose a fridge, parameters they use to “sort out” models as possible variants for purchase.
    Which elements of construction and design of a fridge consumers pay attention to during selection, which fridge parameters make customers refuse from a particular model, for which elements consumers are ready to pay more.
    Which design of different fridge elements (handle, lighting, shelves, boxes) is the most attractive for consumers.
  • Following the first stage, we have developed hypotheses to be checked during the second one: quantitative survey of fridge buyers
    We have determined brand preferences of consumers, outlined overall parameters of fridge quality evaluation, as well as the quality and convenience of its elements – shelves, boxes, lighting, freezer.
    We have determined existing disadvantages of different fridge models; we have also outlined the advantages and disadvantages of Client’s fridges vs. competitors.

As a result, the Client has developed a list of changes in fridge design that would meet consumer needs and would be optimal in terms of production costs.

Medical devices

Evaluate, determine,
study and provoke interest

We will carry out a detailed market study, analyze your brand in competitive environment, show specifics of using products of your brand by consumers, give you practical recommendations on strengthening the company’s position in competitive environment, on work with consumers.

We will determine market volume of Client’s medical equipment, services provided with this equipment, expendables used for equipment. We will also determine the structure of the market in split by different parameters.

We will evaluate the position of your company in competitive environment, describe the current trends and build a market development forecast.



We will describe the parameters of using your equipment by specialists, determine specifics of selecting and using expendable materials, detect dependence of choosing expendables on different clinical cases.

We will study the process of selection and purchase of medical equipment and expendables, analyze tender purchases of equipment and materials: share of cases, when the tender documents contain a particular brand of products purchased, products of which brands are included in tender documents.


Our Client, producer of expendables for dentistry, wanted to receive an overall market analysis to understand the current situation and marketing strategy development.
The study included several blocks:

  • Specify statistical data on the number of dental chairs and working specialists
  • Determine the volume and structure of dental services market
  • Determine the volume and structure of the market of expendables and the share of Client’s company in the market vs. the main competitors. The list of materials studied included around 20 items

We have carried out a multi-stage research: analysis of information from open sources (official statistical data, customs statistical data, websites of the main market players, specific ministries and institutions), expert interviews with dentists and distributors, census of dental clinics, and a detailed survey of consumers (dental clinics).

As a result, the Client obtained a detailed report by each material studied with the overall market structure in units and money, in split by brands and federal districts. Based on the data received, the Client determined potential for development of each product category and worked out company’s development plan.