Residential real estate

Learn, attract attention,
provoke interest and sell

Purchase of real estate is one of the most important decisions a person has to make. Our Clients try to satisfy all needs of real estate buyers, and therefore “show” customers how their life in a new house will look like already at the stage of Residential Complex construction or apartment sale.

We will describe potential buyers of apartments in your RC, their socio-demographic profile, level and mode of life, interests and hobbies so that you could develop a correct positioning and marketing strategy for your project. Thus you will determine an optimal pool of project’s infrastructure facilities.


We will study the process of search for and selection of an apartment by customers. We will find out who in the family participates in search and selection of the apartment, “role” of each family member in this process, the level of his/her impact on a final decision.

Which concerns and fears have consumers, what factors increase their level of trust either in developer or real estate agency? We will show you whom consumers ask for advice during search for an apartment, whether they check information about residential complexes and developers, and how they do it.


We will tell you about criteria buyers use to choose an apartment, which requirements consumers impose on the new apartment. We will determine the importance of various apartment selection factors. We will detect how these factors depend on purchase budget, buyer’s family members. We will define parameters of an apartment which are “crucial” for choice, what is a compulsory condition of purchase. We will also learn for what things consumers are ready to pay more, which financial tools they will use.


We will study the advantages and disadvantages of your project vs. competitors. We will determine a target audience you should focus on, how to position your project and what stresses to make in communication in order to provoke interest and attract your customers.

Apart from studying consumer behavior, we will test architectural concepts and the name of your project. We will determine the most attractive variants of materials tested, find out why consumers like or dislike concepts offered, which associations with the names offered they have.

We will test advertising materials of your project, determine the most attractive advertising for consumers. We will find out what in particular has attracted consumers’ attention, what they didn’t like in advertising tested, whether advertising provoked interest in the project.

We will determine the quality of performance of a real estate agency with persons buying apartments in you RC, what relations the customer has with a real estate agent, whether the customer is satisfied with cooperation; we will detect reasons for customer’s dissatisfaction with cooperation.


Our Clients


Development Company has an interesting project of a residential real estate with obvious advantages and unique features. At the same time the level of sales is below the expected. The Client has to revise and adjust positioning of its project in order to develop an efficient marketing strategy and increase the level of sales. To fulfil this objective it is necessary to detect consumer insights, understand what in particular has motivated customers to purchase an apartment precisely in Client’s RC.

We have solved this issue through in-depth interviews with buyers of apartments in Client’s RC. We have learnt how customers searched for and selected an apartment, where they searched for information about apartments, which information sources trusted, which variants considered for purchase, from where learnt about Client’s RC, what did attract them in this RC. We have outlined the advantages and unique features of this residential complex which motivated customers to purchase an apartment there.

We have thoroughly analyzed perception of this RC by consumers; studied consumers’ attitude to RC advertising booklets, their design, informative content. We have learnt whether the website of the RC is convenient for customers, what they would like to change in it and how. We have determined attractiveness of advertising materials used, likes and dislikes about them, things missing in advertising.

As a result, the Client has developed a new positioning strategy of the RC, new promotional materials and website design. All these measures contributed significantly to increased sales.