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I am satisfied with everything: communication, expertise, reports and visualization – all aspects are at the highest level. I like everything so that I wouldn’t change anything myself. We have been cooperating for so long already that we can finish each other’s sentences.

Sergey Linnik

I would like to outline quick response, discussion of each detail, attention to any Client’s wishes. The manager has immersed deeply in the subject of the study. I would like to continue cooperation in both this and future projects.

Anna Khoranova
Materia Medica

I like communication, quick response to incoming questions, understanding of issues set and customer-oriented approach. Everything was done as it should be – clearly, very quickly and professionally.

Yulia Mikhailova

We have purchased a second study from you – it was very useful for us. Money was not spent in vain. I think that the quality of services provided is very high.

Alexey Potebnya

We are very satisfied with our cooperation. Your colleagues have completed the study in the shortest term. During the project employees were available, we could get any information at any time. They were very responsive to our requests. We highly appreciate your customer-oriented approach.

Alexey Pak
Eli Lilly

I highly appreciate the quality of your performance and professionalism, as well as expert opinions provided to me by project managers.

Daria Kalosha

It’s very comfortable to work with you. Everything is excellent with both the report and organizational issues. Your employees are really completely involved in the project.

Tatiana Moknova

Some study results were very surprising, have completely changed our understanding of the situation. We have revised drug promotion strategy based on these results.

Anna Khoranova
Materia Medica

I liked the manager’s involvement in the project. Your employees show interest, they always respond to requests.

Olga Saharova

I always recommend your company to everyone.

Sergey Linnik

We have been cooperating with you for a long time already, and succession in projects is not lost.

Yulia Mikhailova

Owing to the work of MAR CONSULT we have received useful and important information about the situation; this information was used as a basis for marketing decisions. On behalf of Novartis we would like to thank the team for quality work.

Yevgenia Rumyantseva


MAR CONSULT company has performed an integrated marketing research in “Europe City Mall”, Volgograd city. When we were choosing a contractor, we have thoroughly studied the list of services and prices of many companies; the choice was made in favor of MAR CONSULT, and it was right. Employees have performed all work stages very quickly, took into consideration all our questions, provided consultations regarding those issues that provoked our doubts. Eventually, we have received a final report earlier than expected. The results of the integrated marketing research were used as a basis for a strategy we are implementing now. I would like to thank the company for a prompt and professional approach, for understanding and ability to “listen to” the Client, timely and accurate solution of professional issues.

Ksenia Karakchieva, Head of Marketing
SC Europe City Mall (Volgograd)

Based on your studies, we have made many decisions which had a positive impact on shopping centers we manage.

Elena Solovieva
Jones Lang Lasalle

We choose you because of your professional qualities. From year to year we manage to achieve an increase in visits, growth in tenants’ product turnover. Your studies are so accurate, they lead us to desirable results, so we are not ready to consider any other companies for this kind of work.

Andrey Yakimov
SC Yuzhny, Kazan

Construction and repair

We have highly evaluated our joint cooperation with MAR CONSULT and are completely satisfied with the project fulfilled. The company’s employees are deeply involved in the industrial market; this factor contributes to a simpler interaction at all project stages.

Kristina Azarova, Head of Marketing

Together with MAR CONSULT we have realized projects; results of these projects helped us to increase the level of brand awareness, as well as to study preferences of professional product consumers.

Anton Arkantsev, Marketologist-analyst
“VOLMA” corporation

Residential real estate

Industrial sector

Mit den Ergebnissen der Studie liegen Siemens sehr gute Information zu Markt, Kunden und Konkurrenten vor. Damit stellt sie eine wertvolle Quelle dar, um den Einstieg in spezielle Marktsegmente des Energiemarktes zu entscheiden.

Heiko Kreisel, Head of Strategy & Business Development
Siemens Power Generation, Russia

We think a very good aspect of our collaboration was the openness between the two parties during the research. The fact that our General Sales Manager joined in on the interviews made it a more valuable experience for us.

Jeroen Van Oosterhout, Manager Business Analysis

Research results were very important for maintenance of service performance and were used for optimization and increase in the quality of customer service.

Alexandr Kaverny, Service Director

Agricultural sector

MAR CONSULT is one of our preferred suppliers for market research in Eastern Europe. MAR CONSULTs attitude to work is characterized by a high level of customer orientation and professionalism. Furthermore we experience a clear understanding of the information we need to base decisions on. Last but not least we appreciate very much open and straightforward communications with MAR CONSULT.

Mareike Zimmermann, Market Intelligence

Automotive sector

We have started our cooperation with you based on the recommendation of our partners. I like that you have a good reputation. I am glad that we have made a right choice.

Olga Polagayeva, Business Development Manager


MAR CONSULT is our long-term partner; we plan to continue the joint realization of research projects.

Viktoria Grishel, Retail Program Development Manager
Epson Europe B.V.

Bis heute hat die Firma MAR CONSULT schon mehrere Marktuntersuchungen für unsere Kunden in verschiedenen Industriezweigen zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit abgeschlossen. Alle Studien wurden umfassend und gründlich durchgeführt und die Ergebnisse in einem anschaulichen Rahmen präsentiert. Damit entspricht die Arbeit völlig unseren Erwartungen.

Dr. Alexander Spaak, Geschaeftsfuehrer Deinternational
Informationszentrum der Deutschen Wirtschaft

Within the framework of strategic partnership MAR CONSULT has successfully realized a range of projects aimed at integrated market study, including for such companies as MANDiesel, PFMAG, VostaLMG, SchmidtSeegerAG. The results of these studies have got a positive evaluation of the Clients, what is proved by many letters of appreciation.

Michael Harms, Representative of the Board
Russian-German Foreign Trade Chamber