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Speed is more important than power, accuracy is more important than speed.

Sun Tzu

Established by Dmitry Shimanov in 2002, MAR CONSULT has shown itself as a reliable supplier of accurate information required for important business decisions.


Major world companies have managed to increase their turnover in the CIS territory and make successful decisions about development tactics and strategy based on our data.
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Knowledge is a tool, not an aim.

Leo Tolstoy

Investment in market awareness, understanding of consumers and competitors is as worthy as new equipment and staff.

A leader who understands not only what, but also how to manage things stands out among many others, achieves remarkable results.

Our goal is to give you a tool you can use to win in the competitive struggle. MAR CONSULT studies serve as reference books, guidelines in the everyday work of leaders. We can provide market awareness allowing you to create an indisputable competitive advantage.


We have vast expertise in many industries and market segments. We have mastered almost all economic sectors during 14 years of operation. We know how markets change in crisis, which details to pay attention to and how to deal with particular target audiences.

Many our employees have been working in the company for over ten years already! Thus we preserve the knowledge accumulated during many years of carrying out marketing studies and pass it to young employees.
We believe that our team is one of the main achievements of MAR CONSULT.
5,2yearsThe average working experience of company’s employees