Имидж компании

Develop, deliver, reinforce and maintain

Image of a pharmaceutical company: how does it look like, which component in it is stronger, to what extent is it sustainable, what does it depend on, what does it influence, how is it related to a business result? By answering these questions we can establish a correct development strategy, tactics of interaction and project fulfillment, work inside the company.


We will analyze ideas of physicians, pharmacists, partners and patients about company’s image in the broadest sense: about company’s prestige, quality of its goods and services, reputation of CEOs.

We will show the image in dynamics of interaction with all market participants, at each interaction stage, starting from the first mentioning about the company. We will illustrate all areas of company’s common interest with communication participants, the impact of each area on the company’s image.

We will analyze strengths, areas requiring improvement, product impact on the image, impact of the image on consumption of new products, important aspects of changes in opinion about the company.

We will detect reasons for loyalty among the key clients, impact of educational and information activities of the company, public activities, partner programs and co-promotion.


The Client annually carries out an integrated study aimed at determining position of its company and products in the market. Image monitoring is performed using such main indexes as image of brands promoted in competitive environment (five main therapeutic areas), perception of med. reps in competitive environment, evaluation of educational and other Client’s programs, perception of company’s executives, loyalty of the key clients towards the company: physicians, patients, pharmacists, administrators, as well as company’s employees.

MAR CONSULT carries out an integrated research of the Company’s brand image by all indexes required. This study has been carried out for the last 5 years. Following the study, we provide recommendations on positioning in each therapeutic area, each TA, considering annually renewed internal policies and company’s requirements.