Unit of medicine and pharmaceutics was found in the company in 2007. Then we carried out very diverse projects for different companies without any specialization in particular areas.

Everything has started with a 5 stage integrated project on orphan disease which covered KOLs, practicing physicians and patients. This experience was unique and extremely valuable. We have decided to develop in the area of medicine which differs greatly from standard consumer studies and requires a special approach.

The next 5 years we were gaining experience in different therapeutic areas, learnt from our own mistakes. We have realized that each disease is a unique world, but at the same time we managed to outline common features in order to optimize screening, quality control and data processing.

Already in 2011 projects in the sector of medicine and pharmaceutics took over 30% of the company’s turnover. It was then that we created a business division specializing in projects precisely in this market.

What we do, we perceive as

  • a possibility to help our clients to take thoughtful decisions and make business more efficient
  • a possibility to make our contribution to promotion of products that will help people


I like involvement of managers. Your employees are interested, they always respond to requests.

Olga Saharova

Our expertise

For 10 years of operation our medicine and pharmaceutics unit

Completed 347 projects: 228 quantitative (66%) and 119 qualitative (33%)
Significantly increased pace and volumes of works!

1,320 meetings and presentations at our Clients
440,169 effective calls to physicians
Made calls to 18,050 medical institutions*
Carried out F2F interviews in 1,705 medical institutions*
*Without doubling
Monitored the key brand indexes for 56 products
Assisted in market entry of 28 products
Measured efficacy of med. reps performance in 38 products
Assisted in building a correct communication strategy for 37 products
Assisted in targeting the audience and optimizing promotional expenses for 7 products.

Our project portfolio in split by therapeutic areas

* others are: Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Ophthalmology, HIV, Post-transplant therapy, Antibacterial therapy, Neonatology, Cosmetology, etc.


How our ordinary project looks like?

The average quantitative project includes…

The average qualitative project includes…

We have developed and constantly revise our database with over 14 thousand physicians of various specialties across Russia:

We fulfilled projects with patients and specialists of different levels: practicing physicians, chiefs of departments, chief medical officers, administrators, chief non-payroll specialists, healthcare workers.

Our researches

Our clients

I am satisfied with everything: communication, expertise, reports, and visualization – all aspects are at the highest level. I like everything so that I wouldn’t change anything myself. We have been cooperating for so long already that we can finish each other’s sentences.

Sergey Linnik

PHARMA unit makes marketing studies a practical tool for thoughtful, effective decisions. If you want to achieve leadership in the market, write us about your needs, and we will bring you to success.