Study and evaluate potential

We witness an active growth in the veterinary market, in both agricultural animal farming and in the sector of pets; many drugs for veterinary use have been registered. Through marketing research our Clients receive information, outline preferences and become more efficient in the rapidly changing market.

We will help you to detect the main trends in the market of veterinary drugs, indicate promising areas of veterinary development.

We will determine advantages and disadvantages which veterinarians and livestock specialists see in existing treatment approaches and vaccines, how they evaluate the market of veterinary drugs, in what categories divide the drugs, how they characterize them, evaluate the potential of drugs.

We will determine position and behavior of veterinarians in practice, analyze the process of decision-making about drug usage, factors influencing the choice: product attributes, external and internal factors, interest, evaluation of result and efficacy.


We will evaluate perception of new drugs: interest in a new drug, awareness and knowledge about new drugs, advantages and disadvantages vs. existing medications, readiness to prescribe, optimal information and promotion channels.

We will show perception of image characteristics of a brand: pack, slogan, key messages, commercials, product concept.

We work with such study areas as examination, diagnostics of animals, hygienic procedures, animal care (including nutrition), dentistry for animals, vaccination, castration, sterilization, laboratory studies, treatment and animal surgery.


Chief veterinarians, farm veterinarians, employees of veterinary clinics, employees from pet shops can be the target audience of our studies. We work in the area of agricultural animal farming: cattle – beef and milk, pig, poultry farming, etc., as well as in the sector of pets: state and commercial veterinary clinics.

We will also prepare and analyze any statistical data: livestock population, herd structure, production costs, purchase of drugs, etc.


The client’s drug is used for preventive vaccination of pigs from Aujeszky’s Disease, Glasser’s Disease and Actinobacillus Pleuropneumonia (APP). To develop a marketing strategy of drug promotion, MAR CONSULT has carried out a marketing study and received detailed information about the current practice of animal vaccination in pig farms and specifics of drug purchase in this segment.

An integrated research answered such questions as existing ways of disease prevention in pig farms, diseases which are subject to a scheduled vaccination, frequency and reasons for off-schedule vaccination, the incidence rate of Aujeszky’s Disease, Glasser’s Disease and APP, vaccine selection criteria, popularity of vaccines against diseases studied, level of veterinarians’ satisfaction with the vaccines used. We have also described the process of vaccines’ purchase, detected the key persons responsible for purchases and offered communication channels with consumers. Moreover, we have tested advertising materials of the Client and provided recommendations for their improvement.

As a result, the Client has successfully developed drug rebranding strategy and new promotional materials; all these steps contributed to increased sales.