Understand, evaluate,
attract attention and involve

Interaction of a pharmaceutical company with a practicing physician determines business fruitfulness, including among other things OTC drugs, food supplements and medical devices. It is much easier to establish partnership relations, if you understand the physician, know his/her insights, share a common language.

We will tell you who your physician is, so that you could communicate with professional medical society with a maximum effect: we will tell you his values, priorities in work, commitment for new things, wish to study, participate in events, show you the attitude to a patient, goals in therapy prescription, expectations from therapy, whether these expectations are met. On the other hand, we will inform you about physician’s stereotypes, convictions, habits, authorities, etc.


We will describe patient pool, structure of patients managed by physicians: by stage, type of disease, therapy received, time of diagnosis establishment, by sex / age and other characteristics.

We will indicate the main and specific approaches to therapy: therapy prescribed, therapy would like to prescribe, therapy choice criteria (factors determining physician’s choice, influencing a decision), drug attributes important for physicians, stimuli and barriers for prescription of particular drugs, perception of the current therapy, strengths and weaknesses of existing brands, difficulties and unmet needs in therapy and diagnosis.

We will follow the patient journey through the physician’s eyes: for how long a patient stays undiagnosed, at which stage the patient gets to a required specialist, who establishes diagnosis, examinations performed, specialists involved, etc.

We will evaluate perception of new drugs and molecules: readiness and interest in a new drug, awareness and knowledge of new drugs, profile of a patient for a drug, advantages and disadvantages vs. the current therapy, optimal channels for informing about and promoting the drug.


We will show perception of image characteristics of a brand / promo: pack, slogan, visual images, key messages, commercials, product concept.

We will optimize product cost: perception of cost, optimal price, prospects depending on the cost, financing channels, making a decision about the purchase (request): level of responsibility, data used to draw up a request, readiness to include the drug, etc.

We will determine importance of influence channels and main information sources: priorities, efficiency, usefulness for a physician, including: printed publications: journals, articles, guidelines; events: conferences, congresses, symposia, meetings, round tables; KOLs, reference specialists; opinion and experience of colleagues; mass media: television, radio, press; Internet: websites, digital societies, social networks, professional forums; digital events: e-detailing, webinars, online broadcasting, online education.


The Client wanted to launch a new drug in the indication diabetes mellitus type 2 (further on DM2). MAR CONSULT carried out an integrated two-stage study of endocrinologists in order to provide an understanding of the current situation in the market, as well as to determine the potential of a new product.

Following the study, the Client received detailed data on the pool and structure of patients with DM2 by therapy prescribed, factors influencing the choice of oral antihyperglycemic therapy in a DM2 patient, current approach to therapy prescription in DM2 patients, as well as specifics of switching tactics. We have provided detailed profiles of target patients on therapy with available oral antihyperglycemic drugs, studied awareness and attitude to the group of drugs of the relevant category, given recommendations on the use of the most crucial attributes of a new drug in promotion.

We have also detected perception of Client’s drug, based on this perception we provided a profile of the target patient for therapy with the drug so that it could later be included in promotional materials. We have determined readiness of physicians to prescribe a new drug, its potential, possible share in the structure of prescriptions.

Finally, Client’s drug promotion included the profile of the target patient, call flow of the visit to the physician and the key messages developed together with MAR CONSULT. The share of the drug in its group has quickly achieved indexes planned.