Medical representative

Evaluate, compare, outline and motivate


Do the Clients recall and know your med. reps, how they perceive, evaluate them and their activities and why, to what extent relate them to the company, how their work generally impacts company’s image, how evaluate events in which they participate, or those which they organize.

How med. reps differ from med. reps of competitors, whether Clients like them or find them annoying, whether they are helpful, could they help more.

How med. reps draw up a list of Clients, whether their evaluation of territory potential is correct, their knowledge of medical information and marketing strategy, how well they deliver it, which communication channels use and how effectively, how show trigger, samples, additional materials.

To what extent they are efficient: MS and physicians they visit and those they don’t, how often visit physicians and pharmacies of different categories.


The Client’s drug has been in the market for several years and is very promotion-sensitive. The drug is available in 3 indications. The aim of studies – monitor KPIs: awareness, prescription (whom will prescribe, at which indexes prescribe, drug’s share in different groups), under which circumstances and how adjust the dose, awareness of the key messages, readiness to prescribe – all these indexes in each out of 3 indications, as well as evaluation of med. reps’ performance in drug promotion in each indication.

MAR CONSULT carries out this study for the sixth time already, promptly answering research issues, analyzing the situation in dynamics and thus helping the Client to timely react to changes and remain the leader.