Education and information services

We will find, gather and educate specialists:
Updated database, constantly renewed data
and quick access to the target audience.


Our Clients often need to quickly launch work on a specific indication, start brand promotion with a maximum efficiency and quickly achieve a worthy business result. For this purpose, it is necessary to evaluate potential of physicians in the territory, get acquainted with every physician, evaluate the number of particular patients with a specific profile managed by physicians, their experience of prescribing particular drugs, etc. Moreover, physicians should be segmented for a correct and efficient drug communication.

At the same time we understand that many employees are required to perform efficient and really quick work. Even if the company has the funds to hire new reps and KAMs, the process of hiring additional forces is time-consuming: to find, evaluate, hire, educate… Often it is difficult to evaluate the urgency of need, cost effectiveness.

What can we do?

Target mailing

Pharmaceutical market changes very quickly reacting to the smallest environmental changes. Often pharmaceutical companies need to inform many clients quickly and efficiently about strategically important aspects, for instance, new results of clinical trials, new indication, current promotion, etc.


However, on many occasions the company lacks a sufficient database of contacts, lacks access to all persons required; or people required for performing this task quickly and efficiently are few.

What can we do?

Education in medicine

Insufficient coverage of target and related specialties of physicians, insufficient number of employees in the field department or lack of company’s representative offices in some regions at the sales department leads to a situation when company’s drugs are not popular among physicians, physicians have insufficient understanding of the drug’s specifics and its difference from competitors, as a consequence – insufficient prescribing experience.


What can we do?

Training of pharmacy employees

In some regions the share of chain pharmacies our clients can cooperate with in a centralized way reaches only 20%. Other pharmacies either belong to small chains, or are stand-alone pharmacies. At the same time, these regions are very attractive in terms of sales volumes.

Low popularity of drug among pharmacists and pharmacy directors, insufficient understanding of the drug’s specifics and its difference from competitors leads to drop in sales at recommendation in a pharmacy, including spontaneous sales.

Companies often don’t have enough employees to train small chains, work with objections, etc.

What can we do?


There is a proved connection between the number of contacts with a physician and his/her loyalty towards a pharmaceutical company. The most efficient number of contacts made to each physician a year is 8. This is possible, if some contacts are made via telephone calls, the Internet of Skype. Each year the share of digital visits to physicians increases, because pharmaceutical companies see a significant benefit in this format.

Not every company can afford a med. rep in remote territories: trips to those territories cost much money, the result of detailing is unpredictable and a clear targeting of physicians is required. At the same time, these territories are potentially profitable, competitors sell there.

What can we do?